War of the Worlds

WAR OF THE WORLDS Release date: June 29, 2005




One of my favorite jobs on WOW was building this model of the farmhouse that Rachel and her father Ray take refuge in. Unfortunately they meet up with a pretty seedy character that is almost as bad as the aliens.

Farm house 4 Farm house 1 Farm house 2 Farm house 3

Another cool model...a diner they take refuge in also. The diner was named RONS BAR and had a neon sign on top. I got to bring the sign home after the show and now it is in my shop.

Diner 1 Diner 2 Diner 4 Diner 4

A model of where the ALIENS first come from underground and a model of a basement set that was built for when Ray climbs out of the rubble into the crashed 747 set.

Intersection Intersection Basement 1 Basement 2

Mockups of the ALIENS that were used on set for blocking to the actors. Ather images of the ALIEN SHIPS.

Alien 1 Alien 2 Alien ship Dead alien ship

I was asked to build a custom mototcycle for Steven Spielberg to give to Tom Cruise as a end of filming wrap gift.

Bike 0 Bike 2 Bike 3 Bike 4 Bike 1

Images from the crashed 747 set. Notice the PSYCHO house in the background of the third picture. This set was built on the backlot at Universal Studios.

Crash site 1 Crash site 2 Crash site 4

Imagine seeing this wide-load come down the freeway when being delivered to the set! A pic of the model I built as reference for how one of the houses was to be built.

Crash site 3 Crash site 6 Crash site 5