Deja Vu

DEJA VU Release date: November 22, 2006

JOB DESCRIPTION: Concept design/Vehicle art director



As if being in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina wasn't bad enough, I had 5 HUMMER H1 vehicles to Art Direct as well as approximately 60 other cars to dress. My job on DEJA VU was vehicle Art Director and with Tony Scott as a film director, it was quite a challenge. Tony is not one to accept a car from a picture car supply house, change the color and be happy with it. No, he takes it to the next level and the results really pay off by expecting local ambiance as well as each vehicle personally identified. And that's cool, so do I.

Here are a few concept variations I did in Photoshop for Denzel Washingtons MOBILE TIME MACHINE...

H1 concept 1 H1 concept 2 H1 concept 3

And here is the final result. The first image is in the Bijou where we blew up the AMBULANCE and RESTAURANT, the second is of me doing a last minute check out on a bridge. This is the scene when the GTO in traffic flips over the spun out H1.

H1 bijou H1 and Ron Mendell

As you can see, there were 5 different H1's built. 1 was a process buck that could be towed by a camera truck in front. Another 2 were beefed up with Chevy 502 motors for stunts. The last 2 were Hero cars.

H1 in paint H1 5 out back

Many times cars move from movie to movie. On IRONMAN 1 we had to create a military convoy and this showed up with a collection of other H1's ready to be blasted apart. This was the version that was slammed from behind by the 18 wheeler in DEJA VU, so it ended up as a donor car on IRONMAN.

H1 Ironman

I also worked on initial concepts for Denzel Washingtons HEADS UP DISPLAY. Again, more Photoshop.

HUD v1 HUD v2

Now back to KATRINA. Later, I will dedicate a whole page (or more) to the incredible pictures I took of flooded, tangled and abandoned cars, boats and structures while in New Orleans. Here are a few...

Katrina 1 Katrina 2 Katrina 3 Katrina 4