G-FORCE Release date: July 24, 2009

JOB DESCRIPTION: Design consultant/Supervisor



This was quite a project for me! If you take a close look at the pictures and what had to be built, you can only imagine how difficult it would be to create a full set of drawings necessary to build each item. This is where I come in, acting as liaison between the Art Department and Set Dressing/Props. I had a full shop set up with a small specialized core group and we built everything the Art Department didn't have time to draw.

This was my first project on the show...to get warmed up. I bought a few boxes full of K'NEX toys and built this GYRO MACHINE that is seen in the EXERCISE ROOM. The yellow base was built from wood and there was a variable speed motor to make it spin. The cool thing is, that the G FORCE logo is derived from the GYRO MACHINE. In the beginning of the trailer, the G FORCE logo can be seen spinning and then fade into the GYRO MACHINE that I came up with. By the way, the EXERCISE ROOM was built from a section of an old airplane fuselage.

Gyro3s Gyro1s Gyro2s

The HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR, BEN'S MICROSCOPE, MOLE'S DJ STATION and his WORK DESK PLATFORM. The ART DEPT designed the teky desk itself, while I built the platform and wired it up.


Holoprojs Scopes DJTables MolesDesk2

At the finale of the show, Ben's house self destructs and transforms into a huge menacing robot that takes hold of a FBI VAN. This is a night time shot on location along with images of the ARM we pre-fabbed on stage. It was a lot of fun going to the surplus yard, buying a 5 ton truck of scrap and creating a 60 foot long robotic arm.

Arm1s Arm2s Arm3s Arm4s

Interior panels for the FBI VAN. I lazer cut all the small individual panels, then dry rub graphics were applied after being painted a gray hammertone. The panels lit up and switches functioned.

FBIVan2s FBIVan1s

In this shot you will see the stand-in for JUAREZ...


JUAREZ and BLASTERS living spaces. Basically I would go out and buy any small trinket that looked cool, then assemble them into a personalized environment that each character would live in.

JuarezRooms BlasterRooms