Ironman 1

IRONMAN 1 Release date: May 2, 2008

JOB DESCRIPTION: 3D Concept design/Prop fabrication




Well of course this was an awesome film to work on. IM was one of my favorite characters growing up as a kid, who'd of thought I would be involved as much as I was. One of my attributes is being able to designas well as build, so both talents were put to use on IRONMAN 1.

First of all I did many designs for a case that would hold Tony Stark's suit for travel...

Ironman case 2 Ironman case 1 Ironman case 3

I also built the wall mounted JARVIS computers that were around his house. They had an actuating knob and backlit screens.

Jarvis 1 Jarvis 2 Jarvis 3

Here is an image from the film with JARVIS mounted to a wall. I also built a glass KEYBOARD that was sidelit with white LED's.

Jarvis screenshot Jarvis keyboard screen shot

Other designs I worked on include GRENADES, SUIT WEAPONS, MISSILES and CHEST X-RAY'S of TONY STARK showing the shrapnel in his chest along with the RT. I did not design the RT on this IRONMAN, but did for IRONMAN 2.

Grenades Weapons Missiles Xray

I also did a custom paint job on a bike that was loaned to the show by ZERO ENGINEERING. The engine was used in the movie as set dressing in Tony's garage. You can see it in a lot of the garage scenes. It was part of many items set dressing used from my personal shop to fill out Tony's dream garage. You can see a 700R4 transmission, 55 Desoto grill, 30 Model A seats, and sheves and shelves of gack among other items.

Zero bike Me with engine Tony's garage