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Hook A Class Act A Princess of Mars Death Becomes Her Forever Young Jurassic Park Babylon 5 Pilot Love Affair I'll Do Anything Disclosure Mother Batman Forever Speed Racer 1995 Warriors of Virtue Mars Attacks Batman and Robin Armageddon Soldier Message In A Bottle Hope Floats The Insider Three Kings The Haunting Bicentennial Man Fight Club Rules of Engagement Minority Report Windtalkers A Man Apart Ali Oceans 11 The Hunted Triple X Solaris Looney Tunes Back In Action Chronicles of Riddick Chronicles of Narnia Stealth Mission Impossible : 3 War of the Worlds Triple X 2: State of the Union Talladega Nights You, Me and Dupree Deja Vu Oceans 11 G-Force Star Trek Iron Man 1 G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Priest Ironman 2 Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Expendables Thor Pirate On Stranger Tides Cowboys and Aliens Spider man In Time Looper The Hunger Games OZ The Great and Powerful G.I. Joe Retaliation Oblivion Ironman 3 Hunger Games Catching Fire Captain America Winter Soldier Saving Mr. Banks Jurassic World Pirates Dead Men Tell No Tales Spectral Kong Skull Island Transformers 5 The Last Night Pacific Rim Uprising Top Gun Maverick Underground Little Mermaid Live Action Lord of the Rings